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Clevenger Brothers Glass
Gaspee Affair Bottle
Here's a little ditty we had not ever seen or heard of before, found on eBay. This is a Clevenger Brothers Glass bottle, green molded with "1772-1972, Gaspee Affair" with schooner on one side. Other has star with bird and "collectors weekly, Kermit Texas". Bottle about 5".in height. Of course, we hope it contained something more palatible than that lousy Gaspee Days Committee label wine we had a few years back.

Below comments taken from 

Clevenger Brothers Glass--Authentic antique reproduction glassware from Clayton, New Jersey, once part of South Jersey’s thriving glass manufacturing network. Clevenger Brothers glass is handmade and mouth blown. Each piece is made individually, one at a time by glass blowers who have given years of their lives to retain this fast and disappearing art. All Clevenger Brothers glass is made in authentic 19th century style using formulas from the original Moore Brothers Glass Works (circa 1880). At that point of time in history, the shade of color varied from batch to batch. So be it today at Clevenger Brothers, including the impurities of yesteryear bubbles, batch stone and cord. Clevenger Brothers is the last “Green System” glass blowing shop of its kind in America, whose style of making glass is almost extinct.

Peter Pots Gaspee Flask

Not seen recently, but discovered in reviewing old Warwick Beacon newspapers c1972.  Peter Pots was renown for their pottery work at the very height of the hippie era.
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