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TorchlightGaspee Torch Light c1840

Found on eBay 9/2002: A newspaper from Providence, Rhode Island, dated 1840, The Gaspee Torch Light. There is a ship with two life boats in the water pictured between the words Torch and Light. The phrase in quotes is beneath the name of the paper, 'Resistance To Tyrants Is Obedience To God'. Published by William R. Watson. Printed by Knowles, Vose, and Anthony, Journal Office. Articles discussed are: Van Buren and Direct Taxes, Who are the friends of Harrison?, Government corruption, and other political subjects.

According to the discussions found in "The Printer and the Press", by H. P. Smith (Chapter V) in State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations at the End of the Century  Vol. II, pp. 563 - 611, Ed. Edward Field, A. B. Boston & Syracuse: The Mason Publishing Company, 1902. and presented on line courtesy of rootsweb at

One of the several newspapers that have been absorbed by the [Providence] Journal was the Morning Courier, edited and published by William G. Larned from June, 1836, to January, 1840; it was a weekly paper.  A campaign paper called The Gaspee Torchlight was issued from the Journal office during the Harrison campaign of 1840; its opponent at the same time was pertinently called The Extinguisher, which emanated from the [Providence]Herald office.

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